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hydraulic presses based on SIMSON cylinders
novel hydraulic high-speed cylinder
super slim hydraulic clamping cylinder
Quick Lid for pressure vessels
development, design & engineering
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  Simson Innovation is an invention factory developing innovative and novel products in all branches of mechanical engineering. Due to our broad scope of experience, we are able to conceive, design and engineer advanced technical solutions, that can often claim patent protection.
Products successfully developed by Simson Innovation comprise:

• Hydraulics & Pneumatics:

    •   Novel fully hydraulic pile driving and extracting device
    •   Hydraulic work-holding systems for machine tools and construction machinery
    •  Speciality presses and blanking lines
    •  Pneumatic and hydraulic components for weaving and spinning machines

• Process Engineering:

    •   High pressure pump for CO2 extraction
    •   Pyrolysis facility
    •  Concrete and gravel plants

• Electro-Technology:

    •   SMD-board testing system
    •   High precision screen printing system (for SMD-boards etc.)
    •  Membrane keyboards

• Medical Technology:

    •   Automatic, electronically controlled infusion pump
    •   Ergonomic birth giving chair

• and even more...

    •  Centrifugal espresso machine
    •  Ergonomic mounting for night vision goggles

We can put our long-standing experience and ingenuity also at your disposal. Feel free to contact us.

The background image shows the sketch of an air skrew (helicopter?) by Leonardo da Vinci ( 1452-1519).