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Hydraulic Presses


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hydraulic presses based on SIMSON cylinders
novel hydraulic high-speed cylinder
super slim hydraulic clamping cylinder
Quick Lid for pressure vessels
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  The SIMSON hydraulic presses are based on a novel, patented high-performance cylinder. They offer all advantages of expensive high pressure hydraulics, though applying simple inexpensive technical means. In comparison with conventional products SIMSON hydraulic presses are:
      Hydraulic Press
fast - The press initially makes a fast stroke with low forces. When it runs into resistance, an internal high pressure mode is activated (without secondary pump) and the press exerts a high force stroke.
low energy - Since the full power of the press will only be activated when required, SIMSON hydraulic presses usually consume only one third to one fifth of the energy of conventional presses!
compact - The high pressure mode of the hydraulic cylinder results in a very compact cylinder dimension. Consequently the press will be compact as well. It can be easily dislocated and requires only an ordinary electric plug for operation.
quiet - The hydraulic power pack is integrated into the press housing. It works under oil and is therefore very quiet. The under oil design also secures low wear and long life.
The SIMSON press line reaches from 2.5 to 63 tonnes. Besides the standard design as shown above, SIMSON Innovation offers also hydraulic presses according to customer specifications, including specific loading and discharge decives. Please contact us for further information.