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Quick Lid - a novel closure for pressure vessels and autoclaves


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Itroduction to Quick Lid for pressure vessels

Our company has conceived and patented a novel door for pressure vessels. The SIMSON Quick Lid truly deserves its name. It is:
simple - An extremely simple and straight forward design reduces the dimensions of the door and makes handling and cleaning extremly simple.
quick - The door can be lifted off like the lid of a pot. No turning or screwing is necessary. Closing and opening is achieved by pushing two buttons (see picture).
safe - The Quick Lid is self-locking under pressure and self-unlocking when pressure is released. Unintentional opening of the pressure vessel is impossible by design principle.

Specifications of Quick Lid of pressure vessels

  • Pressure Range: -1 to approx. 100 bar
  • Vessel Diameter: 150 mm to approx. 3000 mm
  • Locking mechanism: self-securing form 15 millibar overpressure on
  • Opening and Closing Time: some milli-seonds
  • Working postition: vertical and horizontal


services concerning a novel closure for pressure vessels

For our coustomers we provide according to requirements:

  • different materials for cover, pressure vessel and sealing
  • manual, pneumatic or electrical activation mechanism (actuator)
  • cover lifting devices or hinge systems
  • auxiliaries and other components
  • certificates and attests
  • manufacturing according to European or American codes

As a rule we supply door, elastic ring and actuator for your pressure vessel. To customers with a high production rate we are able to quote only engineering, elastic ring and actuator. Please contact us for further details.