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Hydraulic Step-up Cylinder


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  The novel intelligent hydraulic cylinders of Innovation simplify dramatically the design of hydraulic presses. When advancing, the cylinders first run with high speed but low forces. Only when they run into resistance, will they step up into a high pressure mode and perform a short power-stroke. Though generating internally high pressure, the Step-up Cylinders can be driven by a conventional hydraulic power unit at 160 bar. This entirely novel and patent-protected working principle makes the Simson cylinders:
      Hydraulic Step-up Cylinder
fast -

Even the largest units can be run at cycles below one second.

slim -

Their extremely compact design makes it possible to apply them even where space is too scarce for conventional cylinders.

energy-saving -

Due to their small fluid volume, the Step-up Cylinders require only a fraction of the power other cylinders would consume under the same conditions.

cost-efficient -

The Simson cylinders can be operated with relatively small, conventional power units. Overall investment and operating costs can be therefore reduced substantially. Moreover, the control system can be simplified due to the integrated control valves. The cylinders perform more cost-efficient than comparable conventional and high pressure hydraulic cylinders or pneumo-hydraulic systems.

SIMSON hydraulic cylinders in a production line

The Step-up Cylinders have stood the tests of car manufacturers and other metal processing industries. They show their advantages best when high productivity is required. The heavier the loads are, the more relevant high speed and energy-savings become. Moreover, the slim design of the cylinders allows to line up presses very densely.
A product line of Step-up Cylinders from 25 to 2000 kN is available. Stroke length, driving pressure, rod end and ports can be suited to individual demands. Customers with own production engineering are readily able to integrate the Step-up Cylinders into their production lines. Innovation offers also a line of hydraulic presses based on Step-up Cylinders and realizes custom made presses. Please contact us for further information.